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Science Class


Please read the rules and guidelines carefully. Click below to register for The Maine Invention Convention!

Invention Convention Rules and Guidelines

Teams or Individuals

Students may enter individually or may enter as a team of up to 4 members. This is open to ALL middle school students in Maine.


Students do not need a working invention. A prototype or model will be accepted for the competition.

3-minute Video Pitch

A 3-minute video pitch will be required for the National Competition. A video will not be required for the state competition hosted by the Maine Science Festival. 

Tri-Fold Display

A tri-fold poster is required for each invention. See the rubric for poster guidelines. 

Online Registration

Registration for the statewide competition will close on January 30, 2024. Click here to register.

Prohibited Items and Materials

Weapons, explosives, and dangerous chemicals. If you are not sure about materials, please ask. 


There is no registration fee for the state competition. The registration fee for the national competition will be determined by Invention Convention Worldwide. 


A scoring rubric will be used for consistent scoring. Several judges will judge each project. 

If you are interested in becoming a judge, head to the volunteer page for more details. 

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